Want to change your Google password? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! This post will show you how to change Google password easily and quickly.

Google has been indispensable in our daily lives, as Gmail, Youtube, Google Calendar, Hangouts, and more are frequently used whether at home or in office. With that said, you should keep your password strong and secure to prevent cyber attack. 

  1. Change Google password if you can login
  2. Change Google password if you can’t login
  3. Change Google password automatically

Method 1: Change Google password if you can login

If you can log into your Google account successfully, you can follow the instructions below to change your password for Google account easily.

In addition, if you’ve linked Google products, such as Gmail or Youtube with your Google account, you can also try change your Google password in these applications.

Change your Google password on computers and iOS devices

If you’re using your computer, iPhone or iPad to change your Google password:

Open your Google account, and ensure to log into your account. 

1) Click Sign-in & security.

2) In the Password & sign-in section, click Password.

3) You’ll need to enter your current password again for verification.

4) Then you can reset your Google password: enter your new password twice, then click CHANGE PASSWORD.

Change your password on Android devices

If you’re using Android devices to change your password, you can also perform the steps above to change your Google password, or you can follow the instructions below: 

1) Go to the Settings app in your Android device.

2) Tap Google > Google account.

3) Tap Security.

4) Tap Password in the Signing in to Google section.

5) Enter your new password, and tap Change Password to confirm.

You should change your password successfully. Kindly note that you’ll be logged out your Google account since you’ve changed your password, then you should enter your new password to log into your account.

Method 2: Change Google password if you can’t login

If you’ve forgotten your password for your Google account, and you can’t log into your Google successfully, you can follow the instructions below:

INFORMATION: if you want to retrieve your Google password using Gmail, you can check this article for more information: How to Recover a Forgotten Gmail Password Easily

1) Open Google account recovery page.

2) Enter your Google account (it should be your Gmail address). Then click Next.

3) You’ll be prompted to enter the last password you remember using this Google account.

Then enter the last password that you remember and click Next.

4) If you can’t remember that last password you used, click Try another way.

5) You’ll be prompted to enter your associated phone number.

a. Enter your phone number and click Send.

b. You’ll receive a verification code from Google. Enter the code that you received, and click Next.

c. Follow the on-screen instruction to reset your password.

6) If you don’t have access to that phone number, click I don’t have my phone.

7) You’ll be prompted to enter when you created this Google account.

a. Enter the Month and Year that you created this Google account, and click Next.

b. Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your Google password.

8) If you don’t remember the time when you created the account, click Try another way.

9) You’ll be prompted to enter your recovery email.

a. Enter your recovery email address and click Send.

b. You’ll receive a verification message in your email inbox.

c. Check your inbox and follow the instructions in your email to finish resetting your Google password.

10) If you don’t have the recovery email, click Try another way.

11) You’ll be prompted to answer a security question.

a. Enter your answer and click Next.

b. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish.

You should change your Google password now. Log into your Google account with the new password.

Method 3: Change Google password automatically

We all know that longer and more complicated the passwords are more secure.  But it’s hard to remember all these long and complicated passwords composed of different strings that have no meaning to you.

Guess what?! Now you can easily and automatically manage all your passwords with Dashlane.

With Dashlane, you’ll log into websites automatically and fill long web forms with a single click.  You’ll only need to remember your Dashlane Master Password and Dashlane does the rest. You’ll never need to remember of type another password again. Best of all, Dashlane is completely secure and easy to use.

1) Download and install Dashlane on your device.

2) Run Dashlane in your device.

3) You can now store your passwords, change your passwords, and automatically generate strong passwords (you can do this and more with the FREE version).

You can also sync your passwords and data across all your devices (this requires Dashlane Premium) to save your time and patience.

Now say goodbye to forgetting your passwords and struggling with long and tedious password change processes.  

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